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About us

FBU is a community benefit organization that has been serving the community for over twenty-three years, with an array of programs and services addressing the needs of the community. Our goal is to provide young people with the skills and opportunities, they need to thrive in their communities and give back. Our approach is holistic, culturally sensitive, and inclusive of all. 

Our History


Throughout the years the organization has morphed to accurately serve and support the community. Fresno Barrios Unidos has being providing Southeast Fresno with an array of services with an emphasis on Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Southeast Fresno is a community that has been identified as a Teen Pregnancy Hot Spot Zip Code. The teen birth rate in our target area is almost three times the state level (126 to 45 births/1,000 resident females ages 15-19).  

FBU believes that in order to truly impact our community we need to work with both parents/guardians and youth. Fresno Barrios Unidos provides knowledge and opportunities to ensure youth, families, and individuals may release their human talent and energy in order to promote nurturing healthy environments. Our goal is to work with youth, families, and individuals to assist them in accessing the information and tools to increase the quality of their lives.

FBU currently does this by providing the community with a Teen Pregnancy Prevention After School Program, civic engagement, reproductive health services, parent presentations, reproductive health education to incarcerated youth and wrap around supportive services for previous incarcerated youth, presentations on healthy relationships and educational health fairs.

As part of our commitment to reducing teen pregnancy in Fresno, Fresno Barrios Unidos has been putting in place a support system, which is supportive and inclusive of expecting/teen parents and their children in efforts to decrease teen pregnancy in Fresno. The organization has built a creditable expecting/teen parent program, which focuses on postponing a second pregnancy until the parents are better prepared to parent a second child. Fresno Barrios Unidos parenting program also aims at reducing the cycle of teen pregnancy, by providing teen parents a supportive system that includes parenting classes, referrals, one-on-one parent coaching and Mommy and Me Workshops.

Our Mission


Fresno Barrios Unidos transforms communities by empowering youth and families through advocacy, education, and wellness.  We are inclusive, respectful, and appreciative of the youth and families we serve.