La Cultura Cura Familias -Mentoring Program


A mentoring program that connects young moms from the teen success program with community mentors. The mentors serve as adult allies and supports while also connecting them to resources.

Make an impact and become a mentor.

(Must be over 25 and pass a background check)



Cara y Corazon - Parental Support Group


This support group follows the Cara y Corazon (Face & Heart) family strengthening, leadership development program. It is open to young parents ages 14-24 with children 0-5 years old. The program is 9 sessions. Through the sessions, you and your parenting partner will embark on a journey to explore yourself, your family, and plan for the foundation you aspire to build for your child. After the 9 sessions, you will receive a certificate of completion for this Parent Support Group. All graduates are invited to join our monthly Parent Circulo, a ceremony for reflection and healing.