Peer Health Ambassador Program

The Peer Health Ambassador Program is designed to bring medically accurate information on reproductive health to teens through messengers they know and trust; their peers. Peer Health Ambassadors are trained in the areas of reproductive health, customer service, and outreach methods.                                                            

If you're in high school or in college and are interested in joining or what more information on becoming a Peer Health Ambassador, please contact

Our Peers

Student at Fresno State 

Student at Fresno State 

Marissa Corpus

Marissa is currently a Junior at Fresno State.  She grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to Fresno along with her mom and brother during her high school years.  She wanted to become a peer health educator because she was in high school when sex education was taken out of her school and was upset that she would not receive education in this area of health.  She does not want other young adults to miss out on this critical information.  Her favorite part of being a health educator is to put her school work and experience into action.  Some things she enjoys doing with her free time are crafts, reading, and going to the gym.