For 2017, we offer 10 programs and services to families. For more information, feel free to reach out →


El Joven Noble (The Noble Youth)

El Joven Noble is a youth development, support and leadership program for male youth ages 10-24. The program incorporates an approach that is curriculum based on the philosophy that young men need the guidance of other men, their family and community. Specific goals of El Joven Noble include: character development, promotion of healthy relationships, the reduction and prevention of unplanned pregnancies, substance abuse and community violence.                                              


Teen Success INC.

The Teen Success Inc. program provides a stepping stone for first–time teen mothers to be successful. This is done by helping them finish high school, developing concrete goals for their futures and preventing a second unplanned pregnancy. Through weekly support groups, teen mothers receive guidance from facilitators and develop supportive relationships with their peers. The group helps to inspire and empower participants to reach their potential.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



The Peer Health Educator Program is designed to bring medically accurate information on reproductive health to teens through messengers they know and trust: their peers.  Peer Health Educators are trained in the areas of reproductive health, customer service and outreach methods.                                                                        


Youth Health Ambassadors

Promotores de Salud are a team of young men who's primary responsibility is to educate and inform other young men and their families on health care. The young men provide outreach at health fairs, community events and in neighborhoods.                                                                                                                                             david@fresnobarriosunidos.orgor javier@fresnobarriosun


Women Empowered


Women Empowered (WE) is a youth development, support and leadership program incorporates an approach that is curriculum based on the Xinachtli philosophy that young women need guidance of other women, their family and community.                                                                 

La Cultura Cura Familias-Mentoring Program

LCCF Logo 2017 crop.jpg

A mentoring project that connects young moms from the teen success program with community mentors.  The mentors serve as adult allies and supports while also connecting them to resources. Interested in becoming a mentor? Contact Lupita or Ariel. (Must be over 25 and pass a background check) 

Youth Advocacy Project

The YAP is a group of all young people (12-20) that meets regularly to learn and support each other through advocacy projects. Projects provides consciousness raising around social justice issues that affect our communities.  The project includes but is not limited to various workshops, peer outreach and community service.               

Is Your Pharmacy Teen-Friendly? 

This last summer Fresno Barrios Unidos decided to launch an emergency contraception campaign, after hearing way too often the same negative experience youth were having when accessing emergency contraception and other contraceptive methods.  FBU wanted to find out why was it that the youth was having such a difficult time when accessing these services.

FBU’s Youth Advocacy Project (YAP) and the Peer Health Ambassadorsteamed up to investigate what were the reasons youth were being denied their right to these services. As part of this project, the youth secret shopped 60 pharmacies in Fresno County. The purpose of this project was to determine which pharmacies were doing a great job providing youth friendly customer service, which pharmacies were falling behind, and to identify areas for growth. The following criteria were tested:

·         Teen friendly staff

·         Staff knowledge on emergency contraception laws and Family PACT service

·         Stock of family planning products (emergency contraception, condoms, etc.)

·         Teen friendly location and accessibility in store to these products

·         Price of emergency contraception

Here is an overview of the 60 pharmacies’ final grades:

Here is the breakdown...the closer a pharmacy’s points are to the total stated below the column category, the better.

1. Accessibility of Family Planning Products: a pharmacy can receive a total of 3 points for an easy accessibility to products such as condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests.

2. EC Access: a pharmacy can receive a total of 4 points for an easy accessibility to emergency contraception. For instance, if EC was located on the shelves not bound by a box, this increases their points because it is easily accessible.

3. Cost of EC: a pharmacy can receive a total of 4 points for their cost of emergency contraception. The higher the points mean this pharmacy offers a cost effective (cheaper) EC.

4. Accept Family PACT Rx: a pharmacy can receive a total of 2 points if they accept Family PACT* prescriptions.

*Family PACT is a state program that provides free family planning services to low income men/women.

5. Pharmacy Staff Friendliness/Privacy: a pharmacy can receive a total of 6 points if they provide a teen friendly staff and respect for their privacy.

6. Purchase Location: a pharmacy can receive a total of 1 point if they had multiple locations (counters) in the store to be able to purchase emergency contraception. *= only contained one counter in total in the store

7. Pharmacy Staff Education: a pharmacy can receive a total of 3 points if staff were knowledgeable on no age restriction for EC, there is no prescription needed for EC, and how to use Family PACT/what Family PACT is.


Healthy Decisions

Healthy Decisions is a non-bias medically accurate comprehensive sex education program that meet California standards. The topics covered in these sessions include: self-esteem, body image, anatomy, birth control, STDs, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, assertive communication skills, teen dating violence, media pressures, and making healthy decisions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


"Let's Talk" Parent Workshops

Fresno Barrios Unidos offers parent presentations on how to effectively communicate with your children about puberty, sex and sexuality. We believe that real change cannot happen without the support of families. We know parents want to talk to their children but don't know what to say or how to say it. The goal of these presentations (in English & Spanish) is to provide the parents with enough information to get these conversations started at home so that they may combine it with their moral and values.                                                                                                                                                                                           


Clinic Services

In collaboration with Dr. Lichtenstein and Planned Parenthood, Fresno Barrios Unidos offers the following free and confidential services at our location:                                                                                                                   
*Clinic Hours: Tuesday  12:00pm-5:00pm
Services offered: Family Pact Card, STD testing, Pregnancy testing, Birth Control, Condoms, and Emergency Contraception                

*Hours subject to change          (559)453-9662