Our Team

Julie Bounchareune


Julie Bounchareune was born and raised in Porterville, California. She graduated from Porterville High School and moved to Fresno in 2005. Julie graduated from Fresno State in 2011, with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, with an option in Public Relations. Julie joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in September 2015. She assists with the implementation of the mentoring program, as well as provide case management for teen moms, and developmental screenings for children ages 0-5. Julie is also a Youth Leadership Organizer for Women Empowered, a youth development, support and leadership program for female youth ages 13-24. She facilitates Xinachtli, a rites of passage curriculum that is based on indigenous principles to provide female youth the guidance for a healthy development into adulthood. Julie is passionate about self-care and empowering youth to become positive role-models within their communities.

Marissa Corpus


Marissa is the Peer Program Coordinator for the KISS (PHA) program at Fresno State and occasionally steps in as a Health Educator to teach comprehensive sex education lessons at the high schools. Marissa began her involvement with FBU as a volunteer for the Peer Health Educator program (now named the PHA program). Marissa always had a passion for reproductive health/justice and FBU provided the opportunity to make that passion a career. Marissa hopes to help eliminate the stigmas around reproductive health by making conversations about this topic the norm. Marissa graduated from McLane High School and CSU Fresno with a degree in Community Science."

Angelica Garcia


Angelica Garcia was born in Denver, Colorado but has been living in Fresno, CA since the age of 6. Angelica graduated, from United Education Institute in November of 2016, with her Pharmacy Technician license.She joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in December, 2011 as a Program Assistant. She is now a Teen Success Inc., Advocate where she leads and co-facilitates a peer learning session for teen mothers. Angelica also manages a caseload of teen mothers to support them along their path through high school and college. Angelica also works as a Pharmacy Technician, in hopes to gain the necessary experience to further pursue her dream of a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree in the future. She believes that working in unity with community partners, we can impact the lives of our youth. 

Evelyn Garzon


Evelyn Garzon is originally from San Fernando Valley and moved to Fresno at age 12. She graduated from Fresno State in the fall of 2017 with a degree in Liberal Studies - Blended Program. After college she worked with At – Risk Youth, she gained knowledge and learned about the struggles and trauma youth can go through at such a young age. Evelyn joined Fresno Barrios Unidos, in July 2018 as a Teen Success Inc., Advocate. Evelyn is excited to work with young mothers in our community, to help them strive for a healthy and successful life.

Isabel Tovar


Isabel is a recent graduate from Fresno State, she received her degree in Recreation Administration emphasized in Community Recreation and Youth Services. She also earned a certificate to work with At- Risk Youth as this is something that she is very passionate about. She has worked with a diverse population of ages and ethnicity, which has given her the knowledge and reassurance that this is what she wants to do with her life; giving back to the community. She wants to show the world that first generations have the potential to dream big too. She wants to help make a difference in the community especially the youth, who are our next generation of leaders. She’s a huge believer of second chances and wants to be that advocate that the youth need.

Efrain Botello


Efrain Botello was born and raised in Fresno, CA. Efrain helps facilitate the El Joven Noble and the Youth Talking Circle programs at Fresno Barrios Unidos. Efrain is also involved with the Fresno Boys and Men of Color initiative and The California Endowment’s President’s Youth Council, where he has advocated for the improvement of his beloved communities health at the local and statewide level. In the future, Efrain will serve as a mentor and a counselor for youth in his community. His goal is to inspire youth who have been marginalized to graduate from high school and pursue a higher education.

Jessica Morales

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As a first generation Mexican-American, Jessica has made it a point to strive for her goals, which are nothing less than her grandest dreams. Jessica has a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and is finishing her thesis for a Masters degree in Health Promotion at Fresno State. Jessica's changes of position at FBU are a reflection of the determination and commitment she has put in to achieve her goals. In 2016, she began working with FBU as a health educator and then as a Teen Success, Inc. Advocate. where she facilitated and co-facilitated peer learning sessions for pregnant and parenting teen mothers. Since 2016, Jessica has also served FBU as a volunteer for the Cultura Cura Familias Mentoring Program. Jessica currently serves as the organizations Parent Program Manager and hopes to mentor and empower youth and her peers to live successful healthy lives for themselves, their families, and our community.

Marisa Moraza


Marisa Moraza is the Youth Leadership Coordinator for Women Empowered. She was born and raised in Tulare, CA. She attended Yale University and received a B.A. in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. Her focus was on reproductive justice, health movements, and health inequalities among marginalized populations in the United States. Marisa is happy to be working in the Central Valley and is excited to advocate for her community and empower youth.


Youth Health Ambassador / Believe Mbodo

Believe Mbodo is originally from Central Africa, but grew up in Fresno, California since 2013. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2016 an is currently attending Gurnick Academy for their nursing program. Believe started working at Fresno Barrios Unidos In August 2017 as a Youth Health Ambassador where he helps educating other young people on health care, along with outreach and advocacy. Believe is very passionate in helping people and the community and being part of something that could make a change in our society. On his free time, he is involved with making his own music.

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Youth Health Ambassador / Josh Barrientes

Joshua Barrientes grew up in Fresno, California seeing all paths of life and witnessed the multiple differences of Fresno. He graduated from Fresno High and furthering his life through higher education. When he was young, struggling to find out who he was, where he belonged: he came across a group of young inspiring people known as Fresno Boys and Men of Color. Being involved in Boys and Men of Color he really grew into the person who he wanted to be by helping others. With his involvement with Boys and Men of Color, he learned how to advocate and stand up for people. With his involvement, he was introduced to Fresno Barrios Unidos and the programs that they offered and he is now currently a Youth Health Ambassador.

Youth Health Ambassador/Josh Cruzat


Born in Fresno, Josh didn't know exactly what he wanted to do with his life, but early on he knew it would involve helping others lead a healthy and happy life. A graduate from Duncan Polytechnical High School, and a current Fresno State student aiming to get into Nursing School, Josh joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in August 2017 in order to further his goal of promoting a healthier city compared to the one he grew up in. Josh is also a part of Boys and Men of Color where advocating positive change within his community and standing up for those without a voice comes daily. On his free time Josh goes running and scours the internet for new graphic novels and books to read.

Michael Dominquez


Michael Dominquez joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in December 2017. Over the past seven years Michael has been involved with youth oriented programming within his home community of Fresno. With a great passion for education and youth empowerment, Michael has worked with programs providing high school youth with opportunities of leadership and literacy development. He believes strongly in the ability of youth to positively shape themselves and their communities. Because of this, Michael is thrilled to be working with a program such as Fresno Barrios Unidos in providing the kind of support, education, and guidance to help communities thrive.

Jennifer Arellano


Jennifer was born and raised in the small community of Selma, CA. Like many from the Central Valley, Jennifer is a first-generation student and holds a B.A. in Biology and Spanish from Fresno Pacific University. She is also currently pursuing a Master of Public Health, Health Education and promotion option, through the University of Southern California and will graduate in May 2018. Jennifer joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in December of 2017 as a Health Educator and has been working diligently to promote safe-sex and healthy relationships among the youth of the Central Valley. Jennifer believes that education is a powerful weapon that should be accessible to everyone and is committed to empowering the Latinx community and other minorities through her work and is very honored to be a part of the FBU family.  

Claire Martineau


Claire Martineau graduated from Fresno State in 2018 with a BS in Public Health. She is passionate about insuring that all people have access to current and accurate information related to health. Claire was introduced to FBU when she was a KISS peer in the spring of 2018. During her time in KISS she was inspired to become a health educator and teach about sexual and reproductive health. Claire is excited to be a part of the FBU family and is looking forward to using the tools she learned at Fresno State and the KISS program in the field of health education. 

David Jimenez


David Jimenez is a Youth Health Ambassador. He was introduced to Fresno Barrios Unidos in 2009 when he began volunteering. David highly enjoys the work he does for the organization. Besides working, he loves to draw, read comics, graphic novels, go out to concerts, and spend time with family and friends.

Nico Lara


Nico was born and raised in Selma, California and is a graduate of Humboldt State University with his Bachelors in Social Work with an emphasis on decolonization and reindigenization. His internship was at the Humboldt State University Student Health Center working as a Clinical Peer Health Educator. He was trained to provide consultations to peers regarding healthy sexuality education, LGBTQIA+, birth control, sexually transmitted infections/diseases and resources. He is excited to work as a Health Educator at Fresno Barrios Unidos continuing his career in sexual and reproductive health services under a model that rejects stigma and encourages compassion and harm reduction. 

Dolores Ayala


Dolores is a Youth Health Ambassador for Womxn Empowered. Dolores began her involvement with FBU as a youth with Womxn Empowered, before volunteering as a Peer Health Ambassador for the KISS Program at Fresno State. Dolores graduated from Duncan Polytechnical High School and is now a student at Fresno State, majoring in Social Work. Dolores is excited to be a part of the FBU family and is looking forward to empowering youth in her community.