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Interim Executive Director / Javier Guerrero

Javier Guerrero is a graduate from Fresno City Community College and has achieved a B.A. in Psychology from California State University Fresno. He has worked with Fresno Barrios Unidos for the past three years as a health educator as well as a youth program specialist within the male involvement program. As a facilitator, he puts much emphasis on current issues that are very prevalent in the community, such as teen pregnancy and violence prevention. Javier was born in raised his whole life in Fresno, CA and has witnessed these issues first hand in the community and hopes to make a difference by striving to get youth to understand how these issues can affect their lives not only in the present, but for years to come.

Assistant Interim Executive Director / Lupe Romo-Ramirez

Lupe joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in February 2014 as a Teen Parent Program Specialist, where she co-facilitates two teen parent support groups and assists with the implementation of a mentoring program for teen moms.  Lupita was born and raised in Fresno California, and attended Clovis Unified schools from kindergarten to through high school.  She graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health, Community Health Option.  Lupita is passionate about reproductive health and empowering the community through educating youth about how to make healthy informed reproductive decisions.

Health Educator / Carlo Decicco

Carlo Luigi DeCicco, was the first born child of his Italian father Luigi and Costa Rican mother Amparo.  He was born in Santa Clara, Ca and raised in Gilroy, Ca.  As a teen and young adult he made life choices which put him at a crossroads in 1998 when at the age of 21 his girlfriend at the time and he were going to become parents.  He chose the path to fatherhood and began participating in a dad’s program.  From that point he knew that he wanted to be involved helping the community and working with youth.  He started as an afterschool tutor/rec aide at Mexican American Community Service Agency (MACSA)  El Toro Youth Center in Morgan Hill.  He then became an outreach educator for the Male Involvement Program.  In 2007 he moved to Fresno County with his wife Rhiannon and mother of his three children Natalya, Aubriauna and Paolo.  Since moving here he has continued to work with youth and their families providing prevention programs that reinforce family bonds and promote youth responsibility in reproductive health and life in general.  When not working he enjoys coaching his children’s soccer teams.  He was the proudest when his young son told him “he wanted to grow up and be a good dad like him”  


Youth Program Specialist / David S. Bouttavong

David S. Bouttavong is a first-generation Laotian. Since the age of two, he has been a resident of the Central Valley. He graduated from Roosevelt High School, attended Fresno City College and studied at Fresno State focusing in the field of Health Science with emphasis on community health. He worked as a Health Educator at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for eight years, educating the community, schools, incarcerated young men, and participants in male involvement programs. Currently, he is a Youth Program Specialist at Fresno Barrios Unidos providing education in the Healthy Decisions program. David is also Facilitator for a character building program for young men called El Joven Noble. This past year he has been working in collaboration with the Fresno Boys and Men of Color Campaign and other local non-profit organizations and faith-based groups as an adult ally.  Bouttavong sees youth as assets to the community and is dedicated to helping youth make healthy and positive choices.


Teen Success Inc., Advocate & Health Educator / Angelica Garcia

Angelica joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in 2011 as a work study student from Fresno City College. In July of 2012, Angelica was given the opportunity for part time employment at FBU as the Front Desk Receptionist. This is Angelica’s first job and she is the youngest on the FBU team! Since joining the team, she has gained experience and education on reproductive health and the importance of a great community. In 2015, Angelica is currently a Health Educator at FBU and works with youth of all ages providing workshops on reproductive health. She enjoys working in this field because she is able to make a difference in people’s lives. When Angelica is not at work, she spends her time parenting her two children, David (14 months) and Elijah (4 years old). She is eager to remain a positive role model for her children as a mommy and will continue to persevere through all of life’s challenges.  

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Teen Success Inc. , Advocate / Jazmin Rios

Jazmin started as a work study student for Fresno Barrios Unidos through California State University, Fresno on January, 2015. She achieved a B.A in Psychology from California State University Fresno and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree for Student Affairs and College Counseling with the option of the Pupil Personnel Services. Her ultimate goal is to be of service as an Academic Counselor in a high school or college setting. Jazmin has been involved with Teen Success, Inc since August of 2015. Under a new pilot model for Teen Success Inc. she is currently a Teen Success Inc. Advocate where she co-facilitates two teen parent peer learning sessions with a caseload of 15 members. Her passion is working with minorities to break the stereotypes and be a positive role model for youth specifically young mothers to show them that their college dreams CAN come true. Jazmin has obtained multiple jobs during her undergraduate and graduate studies to get the whole scope of the emerging adulthood. Currently, she is completing her internship hours for the Master’s program by working as a Psychology Advisor at CSUF while being a full time staff for Fresno Barrios Unidos. Her drive and work ethic is reflected on the full dedication to the young mothers and college students.

Teen Success Inc., Lead Advocate / Niki Singleton

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Niki Singleton joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in February 2016 as a Health Educator.  As a Health Educator, Niki facilitated comprehensive sex education in classrooms across Fresno Unified School District. Currently, she has transitioned into her new role as Teen Success Inc. Lead Advocate, where she co-facilitates two teen parent peer learning sessions.  Niki was born in San Jose, California, and raised in Corcoran, California.  She attended Corcoran Unified schools from middle school through high school. Niki graduated with honors from Fresno City College with an Associate of Arts in Sociology and a Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling in August 2015.  Niki has since transferred to Fresno State, and is currently pursuing her Baccalaureate of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology.  Her academic goal is to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy option. Niki really enjoys educating the youth about reproductive health, and providing support to young moms by encouraging them to become empowered and to make healthy decisions.

Health Educator / Carrie Lorraine Ayala

Carrie is a proud native Fresnan. Carrie attended Roosevelt High School, Fresno City College, and CSU Fresno, where she studied English literature and discourse, and participated in the inaugural CSUF Undergraduate Conference on Multiethnic Literatures of the Americas. Carrie began work as an educator in San Francisco in 2013, before traveling to New York, and the Republic of Colombia to teach English as a Foreign Language. Upon returning to Fresno, Carrie served as co-director of the Women’s Art & Music Festival of Fresno before joining the FBU team as a Health Educator. Carrie’s many passions include reproductive justice, queer rights, human sexuality, addiction treatment, education, and subversive literature. She loves collecting stories and experiences from a variety of sources and perspectives, and feels that artistic, collaborative thinking plays a key role in the healing of communities.

Health Educator & Front Desk Coordinator /  Marissa Corpus

Marissa began her involvement here at FBU as a volunteer for the Peer Health Educator Program (now the PHA Program) in 2014. She was very connected with the work FBU was doing since she was not able to receive comprehensive sex education because it discontinued in her HS. Through advocacy and outreach, FBU was successful in implementing sex ed back into FUSD schools. Marissa then had the opportunity to help FBU teach lessons from the sex education curriculum in the FUSD schools. Marissa graduated from Mclane HS, and is currently attending Fresno State as a Public Health major.  

Youth Leadership Organizer/ Julie Bounchareune


Julie Bounchareune was born and raised in Porterville, California. She graduated from Porterville High School and moved to Fresno in 2005. Julie graduated from Fresno State in 2011, with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, with an option in Public Relations.

Julie joined Fresno Barrios Unidos in September 2015, as a Teen Parent Program Specialist for La Cultura Cura Familias (Healing Families Through Culture)- Mentoring Program (formerly known as the “Connections” Mentoring Program). Julie assists with the implementation of the mentoring program, as well as provide case management for teen moms, and developmental screenings for children ages 0-5.

Julie is also a Youth Leadership Organizer for Women Empowered, a youth development, support and leadership program for female youth ages 13-24.  She facilitates Xinachtli, a rites of passage curriculum that is based on indigenous principles to provide female youth the guidance for a healthy development into adulthood. Julie is passionate about self-care and empowering youth to become positive role-models within their communities.

Teen Success Inc., Advocate /  Jessica Morales

Since Jessica’s birth in San Jose, CA, to years spent in Fresno, CA, she has made it a point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams. As a first generation Mexican-American, she understood that the idea of achieving the ‘American Dream’ demanded hard work and determination. In 2014, Jessica graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Community Health. In May 2017, she will be graduating with her Master’s Degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Promotion. Jessica’s passion serving underrepresented communities from a prevention/education front will manifest in her thesis inspired by her sexual and reproductive health work done at Fresno Barrios Unidos. As a Teen Success, Inc. Advocate, she serves as a co-facilitator for two pregnant or parenting young mother support groups. Jessica hopes to mentor and empower youth to live successful healthy lives for themselves, their families, and our community.

Mentoring Program Coordinator- Ariel Mena


Ariel A. Mena is a Health Educator at Fresno Barrios Unidos. Her passion to educate and support our community’s youth came from growing up in Fresno and realizing the important role young individuals play in the future of our community. Ariel attended Fresno State and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Public Health. Ariel earned her Master’s Degree in Student Affairs and College Counseling. Ariel is passionate about youth education and will continue on with her education to earn her Pupil Personnel Service Credential. Ariel believes that with enough positive support, our youth have the talents and abilities to achieve their full potential as influential leaders. With the strong young individuals in our community, Fresno will thrive. The youth of today will be the adults of tomorrow -as the proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” She is excited to be a part of Fresno Barrios Unidos because FBU provides a sense of unity that is necessary in our community.

Program Manager & Health Educator / Cristie Granillo

 Cristie was born and raised in La Puente, CA. located in the Los Angeles area, and recently relocated to Fresno with a passion for education. She has received Bachelor degrees in Chicana/o Studies and Sociology as well as a Master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and College Counseling and Student Development. Cristie believes it is important to foster community partnerships to provide quality services for families and students to build a better future for the youth. She is committed to continuously giving back to her Latina/o community and other communities of color to improve the education of current and future generations. 


Youth Health Ambassador / Efrain Botello

Youth Health Ambassador / Marco Sanchez

Youth Health Ambassador / Believe Mbodo

Believe Mbodo is originally from central africa, but grew up in fresno california since 2013. He graduated from Roosevelt High school at 2016 and he is currently attending gurnick academy for a nursing program. Believe started working at Fresno Barrios Unidos In August 2017 as a youth health ambassador and what we do is educating other young people on health care, we also do outreach and advocacy. Believe is very passionate in helping people and the community and being part of something that could make a change in our society.

Teen Success Inc. Advocate and Health
Educator/Alejandra Saldivar

Graduated from California State University, Fresno in May 2014. While in the Bachelor’s program, Alejandra served as a Peer Health Educator through a Recreational Administration course at Fresno Barrios Unidos. In 2015, Alejandra joined the Masters of Science program in counseling option Marriage Family Child Counseling at CSU Fresno. She graduated in May 2017. In August 2017, Alejandra came on board as a Teen Success Inc. Advocate and Peer Health Educator. She finds great passion in working with teens. When Alejandra is not at work she enjoys weight lifting, hiking, dancing, watching her soccer team play and eating tacos.


Joshua Barrientes grew up in Fresno, California seeing all paths of life and witnessed the multiple differences of Fresno. He graduated from Fresno High and furthering his life through higher education. When he was young, struggling to find out who he was, where he belonged: he came across a group of young inspiring people known as Fresno Boys and Men of Color. Being involved in Boys and Men of Color he really grew into the person who he wanted to be by helping others. With his involvement with Boys and Men of Color, he learned how to advocate and stand up for people. With his involvement, he was introduced to Fresno Barrios Unidos and the programs that they offered and he is now currently a Youth Health Ambassador.




Fresno Barrios Unidos Board Member 2017

Board President  / Ashley Emerzian

Board Vice President / Sherie Archie

Board Treasurer / Marc Young

Board Member / Eduardo Rodriguez

Board Member / Robert Fuentes

Board Member / Erica Cabrera

Board Member / Jasneelam Kaur

Board Member / Felicia Espinosa

Board Member / Brynae Emerzian